Stocks Trading

Zero commission on stock trading.

Stocks Explained

A share is a fraction of a company’s market value that is traded on a stock exchange. The price of the shares fluctuates depending on demand and the company’s perceived investment attractiveness. Dividends – a portion of the earnings distributed each year – are also available to shareholders, although they are not guaranteed. 

Placing a Deal

You’ll give us an ‘Order’ – an instruction to purchase (or sell) the share you’ve selected – when you make an order online or over the phone. When you purchase a share, you’ll need to have enough money in your online account to meet the cost of your transaction, including both the investment and the dealing fees.

Because share prices change throughout the day, the price you get when you purchase or sell will be determined by the time your order is completed rather than the moment you commit to making the transaction. During market hours, you may generally make your purchase right immediately and know the precise amount you’ll pay if you use a ‘Quote & Deal’ instruction.

We’ll offer you the best market quotation we can, and you’ll have 15 seconds to accept it or we’ll get you a new one. If we are unable to get an accurate estimate at the moment, you may direct us to deal at the best price we can obtain as quickly as possible – an ‘At Best’ order – or you can specify a limit that you will not pay more than or accept less than – a ‘limit order’. You may also put these sorts of orders for us to deal with when the market opens outside of market hours.