Commodity CFDs Trading

Oil, gold, silver, and other commodities are among the most popular CFDs traded throughout the globe. INNO Trade has incorporated live pricing feeds from the world’s top real-time data suppliers to present you with the best available price. 

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The extraordinary supply-demand dynamic that moves commodity prices has made commodities very popular. Due to their negative correlation with equities and bonds, commodities such as gold, copper, silver, maize, and cattle also function as safe-haven investments.

The majority of these commodities have a negative relationship with the US Dollar. Because gold is valued in US Dollars and the currency depreciates, as inflation rises, so does the price of gold. 

Gold, Natural Gas, and Silver, to name a few, are among the commodities offered by INNO Trade. 

As the last step before completing an order, you will be able to view all important data on your screen, including the purchase amount, price, target price, and expiration date of your traded commodities contract.